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What we do for you in Summary:

  • Reduce Search Costs related to Corporate travel, allowing your employees to do their job.
  • Negotiate with Airlines, Hotels and Car hire companies on your behalf. Using our buying power to ensure you get the right deal.
  • Handle your account and give you a clear overview of your expenses.
  • Create a business travel policy to maximise your ROI on travel expenditure.
  • Educate employees to help them make the most economical decision when arranging business travel.

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Travel Strategies

We work together to set the direction of your travel.

As a travel management company we help set out a corporate travel policy to control business travel expenditure and provide you employees with clear guidelines about the types and amounts of allowable expenses. All this adds up to produce the maximum return on investment for your travel expenditure.


Risk Management

Our Job doesn't finish until everyone is back home.

Keep track of where each of your business travellers are at any given moment. We provide updates about potential dangers and arrange emergency travel out of any potential hazards. Its all part of our travel management package.

Account Management

Countless destinations, One point of Call

There's no need to worry about setting up and paying an account with all the different suppliers of a trip. Bluebird takes that over and will send you a monthly statement for all your business travel bookings, no matter how it was booked.


More Information, Mazimise ROI

Bluebird Travel can produce customised reports arranged by destination, airline or price, you name it - Allowing the management view booking trends and allocate investments accordingly.



Management of Loyalty Programs

Making Travel Rewarding.


Where given, we will ensure that your company and travelers loyalty memberships are put into each and every booking. We will even suggest joining new loyalty schemes by viewing your booking patterns to maximise any potential benefits your business receives.

Complaint Handling

Taking the pain out of a bad trip​.

Sometimes complaints can be unavoidable, even with the most robust systems things, however rarely, do go wrong. We act as the point of contact between you and overseas suppliers, in the unlikely event of a complaint we will handle it with the supplier on your behalf - saving you time.



Negotiated Rates

Make every penny go further


Being a travel management company for over 20 corporations we use our buying power to negotiate net rates on your behalf. Giving you access to the best fares on more airlines and more hotels. Should your company already have negotiated rates with various suppliers, we are able to book them on your behalf.

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