Hand in hand with our personal service clients get access to a suite of travel management tools that help research itineraries, book trips, enforce travel policies and give detailed reports on travel spend.

Online Portal for Flights, Hotels and more

We offer a comprehensive travel management platform allowing every traveler to plan and book itineraries that comply with a corporations travel policy. It offers companies a more efficient avenue for arranging travel by limiting the indirect costs involved in booking and managing itineraries. Not only that, the solution allows itineraries to be passed through to travel authorizers to approve before any cost commitments are taken.

It's easy to use interface allows employees to sort flights by timings, price, booking conditions as well as clearly displaying their compatibility with your travel policy. Hotels can be sorted by proximity to a particular event, price, and flexibility or by preferred suppliers.

Post booking it allows traveller to keep a log of all their journeys on any computer or even mobiles. Authorizers meanwhile have the ability to report direct for the system.

Mobile Application

Travellers can also book, look up and submit trips for aproval using the mobile travel management application for Andriod, Blackberry or Apple IOS. Allowing travel planning 24/7 from any location with a mobile data network.

What's more it seemlessly integrations with bookings made over the internet and telephone allowing travellers to access their trips on the go.

Online Travel Reports

Travel supervisors can access reports 24/7 online, in real time. The vast amount of data can provide significant insight into where your travel spend is going and more importantly where savings can be made. 

The reports can be sorted to show most frequent destinations, period in advance bookings are made, percentage of itineraries within travel policy, suppliers used and many more.